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Time is running out for the village and our heroes…

Levels: 1 – 4


"Tower of the Missing Sorceress" is an introductory campaign designed for players new to Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. It covers each major aspect of 5e (combat, social, exploration) over four sessions, giving your players a chance to see how you handle each of them.

The party is journeying from one town to the next when the road takes them through "the swamp", a marshy, economically worthless backwater ignored by the world at large. While spending the night, a thick purple fog rushes over them without warning, knocking them out without any chance to run or react. They wake up on the raft of Nak, a hunter who takes them back to his village hidden deep in the swamp. The purple fog had once been a modest barrier protecting the village, created by a sorceress who lived in a floating tower high above the settlement. But last month, without warning, the fog burst out past its normal boundaries soon encompassing the swamp for miles in every direction.

Communities of of lizardmen and bullywugs were forced to take refuge in as their homes were overrun. Food is running low. Tempers are flaring. And the sorceress has not been seen for over a month.

It's up to our ragtag group to find a way into the floating tower, find the source of the fog's behavior, and escape the village before they end up in a sleep they won't wake up from…

Home Page

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